Snowed in Key West

4 Stars

I enjoyed reading this novel. It did a lot of the things that I’m not a fan of in romance genres but this author didn’t really dwell on any of them so they didn’t stick in an annoying ‘not this again’ kind of way.

Firstly Adler was not naked nearly enough. My best visual of him was chopping wood because who wouldn’t want a hunky man chopping firewood in their yard, covered in snow?

The story itself flowed fairly easy. Amongst the things that did bother me was Braylan’s pushiness. Like he was def information pumping during the initial bit on the plane. I dunno but there are loads of things you can small talk about beyond personal information. Secondly, later on when Adler acts mean towards Braylan, it just didn’t make sense. Like there are a million and one ways to shut someone out, politely, and after a pretty decent night and, I didn’t once get the impression that Adler was some sort of don’t touch my stuff control freak, he did build a cabin with the soul point of sharing it in mind after all, but my point is it wasn’t just out of place it was out of character. Also if Adler was the type of person to over-focus on his work and had a fear of doing the same thing again, it would’ve been nice to know if this either didn’t bother Rayland at all or if he learned to balance life and work. Lastly, clearing out his closet was a nice touch and all but just the conversation and more bonding was enough. This is insta-love, readers know how it’s going to end. This just seemed a bit extra when Adler simply expressing his emotions and apologising would’ve been weighty enough.

And that’s it really. The altercation was solved literally in the same chapter so I couldn’t be too irritated, the pushiness of one character basically just triggered me so I couldn’t fault too much for that either. And there were other minor insta-love trope stuff that contributed to the star loss but nothing major. The problem was that until my favourite part, the breathing thing to help Adler with his anxiety, I wasn’t really into the story. It didn’t grab me during the introduction and then that followed right up with the personal space issue. If it wasn’t for the constant knowing that his denial of anxiety would reach a breaking point hanging over the entire scene, I wouldn’t have been too invested in it and might’ve skimmed and missed what I think was the best bonding bit in the entire book.

All in all the way the relationship progressed was at a pace I could get on with, and the content involved was at just the right tone without much angst or irrationality.

I enjoyed reading this and am definitely glad none of the usual plot choices in these novels bogged me down or ruined the experience. I’d recommend this read to anyone looking for a good insta-love that isn’t riddled with all the forced angst and irrational decisions/drama found in most of these stories. It was simply warm, fuzzy, light fun and totally worth the read.

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