Submission Guidelines

Officially open for submissions.

If you’re interested in a book review here please send me an email to with the following things:

  1. A Brief Synopsis of your story
  2. The Genre and Targeted audience
  3. Approximate word count/page-count
  4. First Chapter (so I can get a feel for the writing style).

Send emails here with review request in the topic.

Do Not Send me the entire book file. I will request one after viewing the submission. If I do reply back mobi and epub are my preferred format.

If I respond and ask for a full manuscript please send along any social media links you want to be posted with your review including links to where your book is sold and a cover photo so I don’t have to steal one from online.

Books I enjoy reading are:

  • Fantasy
  • Suspense 
  • Thrillers
  • Crime/Investigative 
  • Mystery
  • Espionage
  • Action Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Anything with main LGBT characters especially if it falls in the above categories as opposed to romance or drama

I only have one guilty pleasure and that’s Nerd and Jock tropes (specifically gay). Or anything similar. The downside is I tend to judge them a bit hard if they don’t fill that romance/comedy/erotic need well enough so keep that in mind should this be your prefered genre.

I will also accept RomComs/Chick-lit for the same romance/comedy/erotic reasons, but again I tend to judge them a bit harder for some reason.

Points to Note:

I am going to post all reviews. My one-star reviews are written with the same passion/tenacity as my five-star reviews. So if you’re touchy about bad reviews do not submit a review query.

Other than that as long as it isn’t nonfiction or historical fiction drop it in my inbox and we’ll see what happens. send

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