Corruption: A Bureau Story (The Bureau)

3 Stars This was a short sweet story. But for something that I was expecting to be a romance, even possibly with a little BDSM. It didn’t deliver. Unfortunately, the book wasn’t tight enough to read like a short story. It actually gave me the feeling of the beginning of a full-length novel. I knew... Continue Reading →

We Make Monsters Here

3 Stars These tales of life and the choices we make were interesting. Giving them a supernatural twist was definitely a fun take on what could be the same cliche tales. Even still some of them were fairly predictable. The beginning stories were the most interesting. They had their flaws but were still fun reads.... Continue Reading →

Dungeons and Demons

3 Stars No lie I really enjoyed reading this. Like loved it. The world was fun and engaging. The flow was perfect and I’m not sure if I should’ve laughed or not, but I did. This story got a lot of smiles out of me. Even though it was well written, (the typos did stand... Continue Reading →

How the Other Half Dies

3 Stars This was a fairly interesting mystery. Decent cast. Even with the usual stranded at sea with a murderer trope, it was still an okay read. But it was just okay. Something about the style of this book did more harm than good. The first chapter was definitely good, however, as soon as I... Continue Reading →

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