All That Divides

4 Stars I enjoyed this book. It's the first normal or just beyond normal length book that I haven't given up on in a while so that's a good sign. The plot flowed well, the characters, most of them, were easy to understand. All in all, it was a fairly good read. There were, however,... Continue Reading →

Rock This Wolf

3 Stars I had to really think about this one. At times it seemed amazing but it was difficult for me to read for a few reasons. The main reason that I wanted to love this was because of the heroine. One of my biggest gripes about women leads is when they ultimately end up... Continue Reading →

Protecting The Prince

2 Stars This book had its good points but overall I couldn't really sink into it. The first fight in the book was just a little bit too stereotypical. Instead of me rooting for the girl I was just annoyed that out of all the fights they could be having it was about poetry and... Continue Reading →

The Omega’s Third Whish

3 Stars This was a tough review. I didn't love this book but I didn't exactly hate it either. For the most part, it was a sweet story about a single dad finding love. What I did love about it though was that the main characters shift. I've read my share of Mpreg alpha omega... Continue Reading →

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