Temple of Ice

3 Stars I started this book thinking I'd really be into it. Definitely one of the stronger openings I've read. The action was great, the world was interesting. The characters were okay. It was looking like an easy 4.5 stars. Unfortunately, the deeper I got into it, the more sighs and headshakes occurred. For a... Continue Reading →

The Gatekeeper of Pericael

5 Stars This one was a tough review. Mostly because I had a lot of negative reactions to it. But I'm giving it five stars all the same. I toyed with two stars but this one gets a pass even with my negative reaction to it. Firstly I love the world this book is set... Continue Reading →

Once Upon A Witch

3 Stars This was a fun story. I did enjoy it and as far as humour goes, I laughed. A lot. But it was the mystery angle. Something about the clues that weren't really clues. Like every time information was supposed to be received nothing knew was actually garnered. The only real clue was the... Continue Reading →

Her Last Winter

3 Stars This was an interesting story. I read the preview of the first chapter and decided this would be a story I could dig into. For the most part, this proved to be true. For a short story, it flowed pretty well. It didn't try to give up too much information knowing the pages... Continue Reading →

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