Ghost Of Lies

⭐⭐ BookBub Goodreads Amazon BookBub Goodreads Amazon So let’s start of by saying, generally, Alice winters makes me laugh out loud. I mean her humour is my humour. Sexual innuendos and all. I loved Happy Endings, and the sequel, have not read the third book. But they were hilarious. I’ll admit in the second... Continue Reading →

In and Out

⭐⭐GoodReads Amazon Barnes and Noble GoodReads Amazon Barnes and Noble I went into this expecting something completely different. There’s a full rundown of my blurb opinion in the vlog but the impression it gives is that Rasaun likes to hit up a guy, get what he wants, and then leave. He behaves this way... Continue Reading →


⭐⭐⭐BookBub GoodReads Amazon BookBub GoodReads Amazon So I actually enjoyed this book. Enjoyed as in there wasn’t too much in the book that drove me so mad I wanted to walk away from it. I didn’t mind the insta love as it fit the story. I did enjoy the chemistry between them as it... Continue Reading →

Date Me

2 Stars This book sounded like it would be a fun bit of rom-com. I came into it ready. And the beginning did not disappoint. An average, self-described as pudgy guy falling for the hot tattooed inked baker. What's not to love. However, after they plan the date nothing really happens. It goes from this... Continue Reading →

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