Fortier The Long Night

3 Stars I almost liked this book. It started off engaging, as I went through there were interesting bits about how the werewolf vampier folklore worked for this particular story and it did hit most of the points this fantasy genre hits with the extras designed to set it apart. The problem was the further... Continue Reading →

My Boss’ Christmas Package

3 Stars This was a light read. I knew it was short but that being said I still finished it faster than expected. The story was okay, not bad but not great either. It didn't grab me really. I had a few issues with it. My main one was that it read like it wanted... Continue Reading →

Total Knockout

3 Stars This one was short and fun. I enjoyed reading it but I guess I was expecting more. More steamy monologues of Michaela watching him in the ring. More of him not being able to keep his eyes off of her. It was just that the blurb lead me to believe that there'd be... Continue Reading →

Three Sweets to the Wind

2 Stars I didn't really love this book. I went into it thinking it's part of a mystery series. I've read my share of these and always by accidentally not knowing I was in a series. This is almost never a problem. It was here though. There was so much lingering information expected of me... Continue Reading →

Temple of the Inner Flame

4 Stars I loved this story. Like really loved it. Non-review related but the cover is all sorts of awesome. I admit I skirted by this book a few times cause I've travelled down this road before but every time I came past this cover I reread the blurb again and finally said yeah I'll... Continue Reading →


3 STARS As far as insta-love goes, I rather enjoyed this one. It actually travels from meeting, to attempted murder, to connection, then the insta-love finally happens. It was the fact that there were other things going on that stopped the insta-love from being its typical boring eye-rolling nonsense. That being said it's not fleshed... Continue Reading →

Theory Unproven

2 STARS I went into this one with high hopes. The premise of it was interesting but it just didn't live up to my expectations. As far as slow burns go this was agonisingly slow. There was talk of clever flirtatious banter in the first half of the book but I never got that with... Continue Reading →

The Ranger’s Boyfriend

2 Stars This book was supposed to have that lonely older ranger meets younger guy feel. I didn't get much of that though. For an adult book, something about the writing style felt juvenile. The story is written in the first person but instead of it feeling like that, the first time the characters are... Continue Reading →

His Christmas Crush

3 stars This book was okay. Nothing great but nothing so glaring it earns a bad review. It's you typical first-time romance. Boy meets boy everything's happy. Fluffy kind of tale. It's a bit of a slow burn but it unveils fast enough for me to not be completely annoyed by it. It just didn't... Continue Reading →

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