Study Me

2 Stars Let's start off by saying that the jock and nerd trope is one of my favourites. That being said, I couldn't really dig into this one. The relationship didn't progress but seemed more to just suddenly happen. And the writing style was a bit confusing. The author kept switching between, the blonde, the... Continue Reading →

Caught Looking

2 Stars This was an okay read. Not bad not good. I did enjoy it, but I felt like it could've been more. There was something about the dynamic between the two main characters where the tension just seemed off in places. And some decisions made weren't what I was expecting. Overall though, the story... Continue Reading →

Lured By The Alien

4 Stars This was so much fun. For the most part, the pacing was on point. The characters were a delight to read. I laughed so much reading this. It's definitely my type of funny. I had a few issues with it. They were only annoying enough to lose one star. As a whole, this... Continue Reading →

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