Total Knockout

3 Stars

This one was short and fun. I enjoyed reading it but I guess I was expecting more. More steamy monologues of Michaela watching him in the ring. More of him not being able to keep his eyes off of her. It was just that the blurb lead me to believe that there’d be some sexual tension building with her watching him in the ring but one fight does not an ‘I can’t focus on my job situation’ make. Also, my other issue is I get that people are insecure but it just seemed like an aside versus an actual feeling she would have. He legit asked her out. He didn’t skirt it, he didn’t word it in some vague way. He very specifically said after the fight they should hang together. It was just frustrating to hear her continuously talking about how he doesn’t really want her. I would’ve been way more onboard if she just said she would take it how she got it and if it was a one-nighter so be it and just lived her best life. I dunno. Maybe I’ve just read so many of these I’m over this plot direction mostly because it’d be so much more fun if they went out on faith that it was for real and if it wasn’t well at least they got a really good date and some good sex out of it. Just think about it once, then commit to the night without letting the impending doom everyone knows who’s a fan of this trope, is not going to happen. That’s part of why I can’t get into it as well, I already know they’re going to have a HEA so why not allow her to enjoy it to the fullest?

That’s about it really. I’d probably have enjoyed it more with more tension and def more than one steamy escapade, and no stars lost for this one but I’m definitely more interested in how relationships progress than the six months or more later epilogues. Like just jumping to the happy ever after without a few days of settling into the relationship first is like they had some fun and poof, relationship success. Especially if they only do it once in the book to begin with.

Lastly, I don’t understand how this is part of a dating agency. I read the whole book and almost all dating agency style novels I have read have a legitimate business or something where characters log into or physically go to to find a match. This definitely did not happen so I’m not sure how a dating agency fits into this at all. Other than the last few sentences that say this was a dating agency success. This is book 39 so I’m hoping that this dating agency exists in one of the many previous books otherwise I don’t understand the series title.

I did enjoy this book but I was just expecting more. If you’re looking for some light sexual tension some insta-love and women with curves then this story will probably be perfect for you. For me, however, it was not quite enough of all that I thought I would get.

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