My Boss’ Christmas Package

3 Stars

This was a light read. I knew it was short but that being said I still finished it faster than expected. The story was okay, not bad but not great either. It didn’t grab me really. I had a few issues with it. My main one was that it read like it wanted to be a longer story instead of a short instalment in a series. Like the whole thing with the mother was a good character bit but ultimately this story was about Laura giving in to her feelings about her boss so there was zero page time to develop the mother-daughter connection. That page time could’ve been better spent drumming up the tension between Laura and her boss. It’s a short story so every page counts in getting the readers to connect with the characters and this story read like it needed at least ten more pages to delve into the mind of the protagonist.

Basically, this was an extremely light read with a bit of steam at the end but was neither light and fluffy enough to be pure mindless reading nor was it engaging enough to be a bit of serious, albeit compact, erotic humorous chick-lit. It felt unfinished but had all the potential of being great thus leaving me with a medium reading experience. And the thing with the gift def could’ve been settled in this book to give it more umph, even the ending seemed too abrupt even for a short story.

If you’re looking for a swift, crack open the bottle of champaign and run a hot bath kind of tale that you don’t have to invest much emotional energy into, this book will work. But if you want a bit more tension and steam and even a few more laughs, it will still be okay but probably just not enough.

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