The Mutt: An Order Series Book One

3 Stars

This was a short fun read.  Set up was good.  Dark brooding object of desire.  Unrequited love.  All the makings of steamy awesomeness.  The ending was good too but nothing about this story leaped off the pages. Once it got to the end where things actually started happening it just sorta ended.  It didn’t have enough info to read like a good short story. There was no real way to connect with the main characters. The only thing really that I know about them is one is lusting after the half breed, and the other one is the half breed. 

The whole premise is of one elf waiting for the other to fall in line with the relationship that had begun in his mind.  That was the real problem. There was no begin, the relationship existed purely as lust in the main character’s mind and then suddenly it existed for real and the book was over. I’m honestly struggling to find anything to say here, both good and bad because there wasn’t enough of anything to connect with in this story. I enjoyed it but there was nothing so bad about it I’m about to write a 1 star review but on the other hand it definitely wasn’t amazing enough for a good review. It’s as average as a story can get which made it good for the time I read it but ultimately not interesting enough to care about reading more.

To it’s credit the ending although way too fast, wasn’t too cliffhanger like. It did end and gave a clear idea where the book was going. The problem is that considering the one-sided view from this story, and that it was entirely about him lusting after the mixed breed, I have zero hope that the next one will delve into the training and archery an so forth that this one didn’t and will read like this one did. Pretty much all talk about the way one character lusts for the other. The one thing that almost ruined this book and was the only thing to trigger an emotion out of me was the way the main character got all jealous and acted stupid over a relationship that only existed in his head. Just why? I grunted all the way through that particular page.

If you’re looking for a quick read, that’s literally all about the thoughts of one man pining for another man with very low steam, there’s kissing but that’s it, this book will fill the spot. It took me barely 30 minutes to read this short. If you’re here for character development and something with real steam it might not work for you. it’s way to short to fill either of these voids, and judging by the way it ended had no intentions too because the end goal is to make you read the other books. Which I gess is fine, but it leaves an unfulfilled, forgettable feeling. 

I guess that’s my biggest take away. At the time of writing this review June/2021 I was moving from my old blog site to the new blog site. After rereading and editing over forty reviews this was the shortest review, one paragraph, and the only book I could not remember. Not a single detail. I had to reread it then the original made so much sense. I definitely struggled to get this up to my normal review length and it clarified the lack of info in the original. I definitely struggled to say more than this one was just okay both times around.

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