Two Can Witch the Game

4 Stars This was such a fun read. I was into this from the very first page. The pacing, the humour. Everything about this was just awesome. It was hard not to love this. In this second instalment, Cassandra finds herself again at the centre of a murder. As her friend, Penny, seems to be... Continue Reading →

The Unwanted Guests

2Stars I purchased this short story with high hopes. This being Werewolf horror I went in expecting to be thrilled and excited with tension. I actually read it really fast and didn’t know what to make of it. Then just to see if maybe I was in a bad state of mind I reread it,... Continue Reading →

Best Foot Forward

3 Stars This was an interesting read. A story about a man suffering with depression and how a chance encounter helps him overcome that circumstance. The fight scenes were fun. The plot flowed at a nice pace. It was a nicely laid out story but it felt, easy. Which is fine but not quite as... Continue Reading →

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