Master (The Master Files Book 1)

5 Stars

I honestly couldn’t could this book down.  Action, suspense, steam, fight scenes muscles.  Oh, and the writing was good too.  If I could pull Jahn right out of this book I would but alas fantasising over fictional characters gets you nowhere in life.

At first, I was a little annoyed.  Damsel in distress, man comes to save her, erotic scenes to tease the pallet.  All well written but typical fair for this type of genre.  But as the plot thickens you start to realise the wonder that is Master.  Everything fell into place just at the right moments.  The motives that drove the characters were relatable.  The characters themselves lovable and the writing excellent.

The story never quite went down the path you assumed and this kept the momentum going.  I got invested in the story as much as the characters and wanted to see how they fit together as a whole.  Lena was much more well rounded than I expected, Jahn was what I expected with a touch more and the side characters gave the book that extra lift into awesomeness.

I especially liked that the book was dark but still managed to be fun.  Which more often than not came through in the erotic scenes which were a delight to read.  I smiled more than a bit. 

The twist and turns of the plot kept you on edge and never left you feeling trapped in your usual erotic novel.  And just when you thought it was all figured out another twist lands in your lap.  It takes you into those dark places and makes you feel perfectly okay to go there, without shying away from the emotional pain such darkness can entail.  You feel reading this book when bad things happened because it gets you that invested in it.

It hit all the points, and executed well what I would expect from a good suspense thriller and blended that seamlessly with the erotic tones of the novel making Master beautiful.  I would definitely recommend this and look forward to the following books in the series.  Especially if they hold the tattooed awesomeness that is Jahn. 

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