Born Again Sinner

2 Stars Since the first book in this series was passable I figured I’d go along and read the second. It started off okayish. But it quickly sank into something that didn’t quite live up to expectations. Basically, it was more of the same as the first except this one had even more chances to... Continue Reading →

Lost Wolves

3 Stars I definitely have mixed feelings about this series. I started off liking it but then I found myself losing interest then getting it back then losing it. Just all over the place. That being said let’s start with book one. Omega in the Shadows:The idea of an assassin and the man sent to... Continue Reading →

Happy Endings: Demonic Magic Book 1

5 Stars This book had me laughing way too much. Right from the first chapter it was clear that this author's humour was meant for me. I'm definitely a fan of witty banter. Miles was hilarious, Havoc was what every demon should be. Evil, spunky and classy all in one. And the side characters added... Continue Reading →

By His Bootstraps

2 Stars This was a short, steamy read. I wanted to enjoy it but couldn't. The blurb lead me to believe this was going to be a short story about someone straight giving in to not-so-straight desires. It didn't live up to that. It read more like an already gay boy continuously telling himself he's... Continue Reading →

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