3 Stars This one was hard to write. I actually enjoyed reading it for a while and thought it would be a five out of five but, somewhere around the middle, I realised it was more that I was thinking about what could happen versus what was actually happening.  The story hit one note and... Continue Reading →

Master (The Master Files Book 1)

5 Stars I honestly couldn't could this book down.  Action, suspense, steam, fight scenes muscles.  Oh, and the writing was good too.  If I could pull Jahn right out of this book I would but alas fantasising over fictional characters gets you nowhere in life. At first, I was a little annoyed.  Damsel in distress,... Continue Reading →

The Mutt: An Order Series Book One

3 Stars This was a short fun read.  Set up was good.  Dark brooding object of desire.  Unrequited love.  All the makings of steamy awesomeness.  The ending was good too but nothing about this story leaped off the pages. Once it got to the end where things actually started happening it just sorta ended.  It... Continue Reading →

The Auctorati

5 Stars This story was a great read. Great enough to read more than once. It starts right of in the action pulling you in and introducing the characters all at once leaving some things shrouded in mystery and others clearly defined. The type of chapter that makes you want to keep on reading. The... Continue Reading →

The Gate

3 Stars The premise of the gate is a good one. I started off following along with the lead character Kiva fully invested in the story. A woman stuck on a planet ruined by humans failed attempt to fix climate change. The only viable option to live in a world where simple pleasures like the... Continue Reading →


3 Stars This was an interesting read and a difficult review to write. This story had the action, had the good versus bad and the naivety of the reluctant hero. A perfectly laid out villainous plan that magically fails in the end and even a sick child to empathise with. It honestly should've been amazing.... Continue Reading →


4 Stars When I read the blurb to this I thought I was getting something entirely different. To be fair I can't really remember what that was but I enjoyed what I did get. This book was a nice dark gritty story. It was relatable on a few levels. Mostly it was just nice in... Continue Reading →

On The Ice

2 Stars I thought I would love this book. Mostly because sports jock M/M romance is one of my favourite tropes. It had all the makings of a good novel. College professor lusting after a student, student lusting after a professor. Tension and angst. Basically all the components of the formula for this type of... Continue Reading →

Dirty First Dates: The Arcade

5 Stars I legit smiled before writing this first sentence. This book had me all sorts of grinning while I read it. Violet was perfect. Just the right amount of submission with a hint of defiance to make it all that much more fun when the fun happens.  Aiden... okay my opinion is biased here.... Continue Reading →

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