Work Trip: Boss Employee Romance (Eternity Bay Book 2)

4 Stars

I really enjoyed this novel. It was short fun steamy. I mean what more do you need really. What I liked the most about it is how it flowed. It wasn’t full of all the angst of getting into a relationship. Didn’t have all that breakup drama that irrational and unbelievable misunderstandings create. Two people end up sharing a room by a slight mishap and the two of them gradually fall into a fun exciting relationship without any of the distracting cliches/hiccups.

My only gripe with this story is the catalyst behind it. It’s kind of hard to believe that someone as super organised as our heroine would forget to order her room. I guess I can believe it was the hotel’s fault but as her bosses assistant, she would’ve booked her room at the same time as his. Hell, she might have booked the entire company. It just seemed odd. And for someone who never makes mistakes, it’s hard to get on board with her mistaking an 8 AM meeting for 9. Especially so confidently she was sure an email would prove this right. The first mishap was obviously a plot device to get her in her bosses room. The second one was supposed to drum up some drama. Thankfully as I already stated it did not sink into the typical drama these things usually go into and it was fixed up quick enough for me to not care. Even the bosses bad reaction to the mishap didn’t last long enough or create enough tension to ruin the story.

This definitely filled the void for short fun entertainment and was thoroughly enjoyed. Even with the ever so cheesy don’t really think it was a necessary proposal at the end. A basic HEA would’ve sufficed or at the very least close on a fun vacation adventure. But nonetheless, still a nice read.

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