Dirty First Dates: The Arcade

5 Stars

I legit smiled before writing this first sentence. This book had me all sorts of grinning while I read it. Violet was perfect. Just the right amount of submission with a hint of defiance to make it all that much more fun when the fun happens.  Aiden… okay my opinion is biased here. Tall, deep voice tattoos and plugs. Yeah he had me based on description alone. Just… *hyperventilates*.

Using the arcade as a setting for gameplay both literally and erotically was a nice touch. It could’ve dropped into cliche very easily but the author avoids that by the way Violet’s internal monologue attacks every situation. It’s hard not to love Violet. How she switches between demure and bratty rather smoothly and even sometimes gets surprised not just by what she says but how she says it.

Aiden doesn’t say much but what he does say he says just at the right time in just the right tone. He enjoys it and enjoys how much violet enjoys it so therefore I enjoy it. A lot of enjoyment to go around. He oozes a certain amount of dark, playfulness that’s hard not to get sucked into. You want to see where he is going as much as Violet does.

Each scene breathes with its own tension and my favourite is by far the dance scene involving a certain ‘item’. Now that’s when I could’ve used an Aiden point of view. I can just imagine how much fun that had to be to watch.

I went into this expecting kinky, dirty, with a hint of flirtatious humour and was not disappointed. I read every scene, didn’t gloss over one. 

What it really boils down to, other than the book delivering on its erotic promise, is the way Violet is written. Her internal struggle, and sometimes lack thereof, is easy to fall into. It’s written in such a way that I believe someone can be shy yet extremely down for adventurous sex play at the same time. You can feel how ones own mind battles against what their body desires; feel how Violet’s mind struggles with what she thinks is acceptable and how her needs don’t align and then ultimately gives in to desire. 

Lastly, I can see this going on. Like even though it may read to some as just sex there’s something about the connection their lust for each other brings that is much more in tune than some of the most intense fluffy romances out there and the fluffy ones are literally all about the romance. I can see them travelling deeper into Violets fantasies forever together. Like this is their dating thing. New play every date, it even rhymes. More fluffy romance could use some of this type of connection in my opinion which is totally doable even if they choose not to up the ‘adult’ stuff.

This short story was well written, delivers on the steam front, I didn’t have to suspend much reality to see this fantasy happening, and it def filled my kinky guilty pleasure void. I honestly found it enticing based only on Violet’s thoughts before she even met Aiden for the date. You could feel the naughty before it began. What more do you need from a good book? Definitely will be looking forward to delving into the Dirty First Dates Series. If your looking for a short erotic read this is definitely worth adding to your list.

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