Sergeant Delicious: A gay foodie romance

4 Stars

This was an enjoyable read. Short, sweet and flowed rather nicely. I liked how the story progressed over emails to the physical meeting then beyond. The bond between the two main characters felt real and I could get into it as I followed Xavier and Damien along their journey together. Also, food makes everything better so this being a partial foodie romance made it that much more entertaining.

My only real sticking point was Damien’s doubts. Not that he had them, but how he behaved about having them. With all the signs clearly pointing to a love connection the better and definitely more dramatic option would be to go with it and still have all the self-doubt and worry and hope that it’s just paranoia and things work out. It came off more like he didn’t want a relationship instead of him being afraid that Damien didn’t want one. It didn’t sell well. Thankfully this didn’t pop up often enough to matter.

The other thing was after it did pop up the last time the readers don’t get a chance to see the relationship evolve past that. It’s like all that worry and then months have passed. The couple grew to a point but there wasn’t one chapter to show them growing beyond it. They were suddenly past it and at some new more settle in together couple stage. 

I did enjoy this book quite a bit even with the slight irritation with Damien’s character. It made me smile and laugh at some points, and I’m definitely hoping Xavier’s mom offers up at least one recipe if the two of them get married. Damien will have earned that recipe by that point. Unfortunately, the story kinda left you hanging after their first real night together. One or two more chapters would not have bumped this story into normal length. It still would have been short and the readers would’ve got a bit of that in-between growth that calmed Damien’s fears and made us like Xavier more cause he’s just all sorts of sexy. Don’t get me wrong he’s a good human too but, yeah, he’s stupid sexy.

Because of the missed oportunity to give the relationship a chance to shine combined with Damien’s awkwardly handled insicurites this book gets 4 stars. Otherwise, this was a good read. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for a short romance with a satisfying HEA and a dash of the best gingerbread cookies known to mankind.

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