Driven to Love

3 Stars

This was a light sweet read. This could’ve been a five-star book. It had the makings of a nice steamy low angst fast love story. But there were some things plot-wise and character-wise that just didn’t do it for me.

Right from the first chapter, there’s this scene where Ben has a text exchange with his best friend. It was a good chance to develop Ben’s relationship with his friend and his own character but instead of receiving this text exchange in dialogue we are just told this happens.  It happens again when he finally calls him to tell him about his budding relationship. We are told what transpires in a paragraph or two but not shown. Incidents like this happen a few times, where characters meet or are in a situation where stuff happens but the stuff doesn’t happen beyond being told it happens. Makes it hard to connect with the characters.

Next Ben likes to sleep around. Who cares. This is def a personal preference issue on my part I’m sure but at some point, it be nice to read a book were enjoying the act of intercourse with another human being isn’t seen as a bad thing or some scar against someone’s character. It’s frustrating that this somehow will ruin Ben’s good name as if an adult with a healthy sex life is such a horrible thing. Also with Ben, I find it extremely hard to believe a professional racer doesn’t know much about how his car works. That’s kind of like a writer who doesn’t understand the mechanics of writing and just writes. One of my editors, back when I could actually afford one, said this to me many moons ago and it stuck lol. 

The opening meeting section still confuses me. There was a ‘the signing went well’ then more talk/narration, and then another ‘after the signing’. Where there two meetings? I don’t know. I reread it multiple times and still am confused.

Back on the healthy sex life part, I was deeply annoyed that Logan was all you got what you wanted after they finally did it. Like even if he was right he couldn’t just enjoy the moment? If it happens again it does if it doesn’t it doesn’t. The attitude of it all ruined a really fun moment and created an unnecessary need for Ben to claim he wants a serious relationship and reform his deviant ways. I dunno. Why can’t we be sexual creatures and still manage to have a serious relationship once we find the one without our sexual history being this evil bad thing we have to hide or be ashamed of. 

From then on the story was okay. More of the things happening in narration but not on the page. More of the drama that comes from being a sexually active adult that wasn’t necessarily needed. And a nice HEA.
For me what this book lacked was development. It had a million chances to do it and, as much as it pains me to say this cause I def will drop some exposition from time to time, it suffered from the old adage show and not tell. It definitely needed a lot more show to delve into the characters because with all its faults I did still finish this book so it was entertaining enough to not piss me off.

If you’re looking for a quick light read that doesn’t delve too far into the characters but gives you some steam, a quick romance and a nice HEA then this book will fit the bill. For me though it was an almost hit but ultimate miss.

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