The Billionaire’s Masseuse

4 Stars

This was a fun sweet story. Not too much angst it flows fairly well but there were a few things that seemed off in the end.

Firstly the big fight wasn’t a fight and it resolved much too fast. Jason’s parents after grooming him a certain way confront him about going against everything they have trained him to be and he says Curt is pregnant and the fight is over. It was extremely anticlimactic. No fallout. No anything. They were just like this changes things. Didn’t bring up arguments like maybe Curt was trying to entrap Jason for his money. They didn’t do anything you’d expect them to do to uphold their image in the way the entire novel has claimed is the most important thing to them. Plotwise, it didn’t fit with the information I was given as a reader and if it were that easy why not just have Jason talk to them like an adult without the end-of-book drama since it didn’t work as-is.

Curt was fun. A boy who wanted to leave small-town life for the big city who landed his dream job and his dream man. What’s not to like here. Still, there was the prevailing need to find an alpha to start a family and also to find an omega to start a family as if just finding each other wasn’t enough. It’s almost always about children in Mpreg, which is why the ending fight wasn’t a fight because an alpha about to become a father trumps everything.

Also, I feel like the story had a pretty good ending. Jumping to the wedding seemed like an extra piece of wouldn’t it be cool if I add this but I was ready the chapter before that to walk away with all the happy feels. It made the end drag a bit instead of just ending on good point. The story read like it was leading up to childbirth and not leading up to a wedding so ending with the new-born just fit.

All in all, this book was okay. No real bumps, low on angst and the budding romance was a sweet journey. I guess I could’ve done with a few more dates, and the couple spending more on-page time together. And, even though I’m pretty anti-angst, a bigger fallout at the end that didn’t stem from Curt being fired would’ve been better. Like Jason actually admitting he was dating him even before the pregnancy and walking away from the family prepared to live life off the social elite radar.

Best thing about this book is the first time they have sex or the second, or anytime after that for that matter Curt doesn’t immediately get pregnant. They even discuss how they’ve been careful the way most adults do when they realise luck can run out after a while, which it does, and I love it. Omega’s are forever getting pregnant on the first time and I find it to be the oddest and most unrealistic thing.

If you’re looking for a low angst, quickly tied up bit of safe romance to pass a few hours of your day with, this novel will definitely fit. It doesn’t really dig into the characters but it’s a fun light read which manages to stay in its lane and sometimes is all that’s needed.

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