Drilled by My Best Friend

4 Stars

Okay this book was a fun read. It did exactly what it said it would do. It promised it would be a steamy first-time MM adventure and it didn’t disappoint. Fun to read, short and to the point. My only real issue was spacing. There is a lot of blank space in this book. It’s infinitely shorter than I had expected because of this, and then the preview for the next book is almost as long as this one and has the exact same style of line spacing.

Also, the way it ended was okay without the added information about finding out another one of their co-workers was gay. It kind of took me out of the fantasy for a moment because it was literally in the last three sentences. Why bother, after such a good steamy bit of zero angst fun. If anything, another night of fun would’ve been the best route. The last thing a reader needs is for their high to be taken down a notch by something unnecessary especially so late in the game.

All in all other than spacing issues, and the fact this story was much, much shorter than I came in for this book delivered on being a fun steamy read. It didn’t try to take itself seriously; didn’t have any odd plot points that didn’t make sense in an effort to be more serious that detracted from the actual story. I came in for a read that was all about the heat factor without any distractions and odd attempts to be something more and this delivered on just that.

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