A Beguiling Spell

3 Stars https://youtu.be/b4PHcGo2AQ8 This book was hilarious. Like I thoroughly enjoyed it hilarious. Click’s wit is just great, scatter is definitely my favourite though. How could you not like a were-racoon who often gets slightly confused when her personality is split into three. And then there’s Walter. Walter the ghoul and non-violent one so naturally... Continue Reading →

Oops! Demon

1 Star So much about this book was off. Accidentally summoning a demon for making a sandwich sounds good in theory but runes are intricate and difficult to make. It's only believable if he was actually trying a real spell and got it wrong. Who accidentally designs a perfect rune? On top of that, he's... Continue Reading →


2 Stars I thought I’d give this a try. I am a fan of the Mpreg idea but I’m definitely not a fan of how they play out in most of the stories I’ve read. But, seeing as I’m a sucker for a good shifter romance I figured I’d leap back into it again. Unfortunately,... Continue Reading →

Battle for the Top

5 Stars This story was so much fun to read. Mostly because it was devoid of all the annoying angst these romances tend to be filled with while also avoiding turning into a complete fluff fest because of the lack of angst. It just made sense. The tension in the beginning was everything. Just so... Continue Reading →

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