Oops! Demon

1 Star

So much about this book was off. Accidentally summoning a demon for making a sandwich sounds good in theory but runes are intricate and difficult to make. It’s only believable if he was actually trying a real spell and got it wrong. Who accidentally designs a perfect rune? On top of that, he’s all bossy and afraid to say sex (or another word I honestly can’t remember which word it was. Could be anal, or penetration or so many other words) yet he has zero problems with adult language and circling around saying the one specific word? His supposed innocents was a hard sell considering how he behaved. Yet, on the other hand, he also behaved very juvenile. His character development as a whole is a big murky grey area.

Then, since he doesn’t need the demon why is he forcing him to stay. To what end. He made a mistake and decides I’m just going to keep you because I can. And then his father treats him like he’s five. How does he suddenly know there’s someone in his room? Oh, wait he’s a warlock. Sigh. He’s a warlock, and his son is accidentally summoning demons. And the whole way this went down with him trying to storm into his college-age son’s room really read like his son was still an adolescent.

I got the impression his son didn’t know he was a warlock. More importantly, if he did, again he shouldn’t have been surprised a demon showed up he wasn’t scared by the ordeal but definitely seemed shocked in the mild sense. Still, he should’ve known better. The whole fight scene he had with his father was so many shades of awkward. The way he treated the Demon didn’t fit the idea of a virginal boy summoning something powerful and that powerful entity taking his innocence. He was way too bossy, entirely too confident, and a massively big dose of this is how I would expect someone twelve to act not a more reasonable college student even if he’s only eighteen.

And he also said weird things happen. So again I get the impression he does know some things about demons so why is he acting all innocent like ‘oh so that symbol I drew on my bread…’ When you add up him not being scared plus his dad being strong enough to lock a demon in his house. He even tried to exorcise it and force his son away from it. Just so much going on here, but back to the point when you add it all up it becomes less, and less likely this summoning was an accident.

This could’ve been a good read but just the first few chapters had me all sorts of confused. It didn’t fit the idea, of the comedic and adult turns accidentally summoning someone with the experience to teach you would entail. I honestly could not get into this and barely made it halfway.

Ultimately this story just didn’t make sense or live up to what I came into it expecting.

I received a free ARC of this book for my honest review.

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