A Beguiling Spell

3 Stars https://youtu.be/b4PHcGo2AQ8 This book was hilarious. Like I thoroughly enjoyed it hilarious. Click’s wit is just great, scatter is definitely my favourite though. How could you not like a were-racoon who often gets slightly confused when her personality is split into three. And then there’s Walter. Walter the ghoul and non-violent one so naturally... Continue Reading →

Oops! Demon

1 Star So much about this book was off. Accidentally summoning a demon for making a sandwich sounds good in theory but runes are intricate and difficult to make. It's only believable if he was actually trying a real spell and got it wrong. Who accidentally designs a perfect rune? On top of that, he's... Continue Reading →

Lured By The Alien

4 Stars This was so much fun. For the most part, the pacing was on point. The characters were a delight to read. I laughed so much reading this. It's definitely my type of funny. I had a few issues with it. They were only annoying enough to lose one star. As a whole, this... Continue Reading →

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