What Lies Within

3 Stars

This was a quick light read. I knew how short it was going to be when I went in so was expecting it to be a nice punchy scary tale. It didn’t quite come off that way.

It’s in first person which, in this case, made it problematic because I knew the person was female but nothing about her is specifically mentioned. I only know this from the blurb. The intro leading up to getting into the house was written very well, eerie, and informative in the way short stories are. Perfect really. It only went downhill after she got inside. There was no real standoff. Talk about the past and other such things but nothing eerie or suspenseful or anything the intro led me to believe would happen. The history lesson and background information was fine and all but knowing this book is under 15 pages it didn’t give the quick punch of evil and tension I was expecting. If the book were longer and she had time to delve into this it would’ve been fine but the in-between of her getting into the house and finally taking out the evil presence wasn’t as eventful and then, of course, the story is over.

There were no real faults here. It’s a nice story a little bit eerie with a sprinkle of exorcism at the end. It just didn’t have that overload of in your face tension I was expecting considering its small size. I enjoyed it, but what started out as good supernatural fun became just okay for me once the supernatural bits began. Like the story slowed down for a hot second and then just ended. This may be fine for some people but after such an interesting laid out beginning I was expecting more than just back story and then an emotional hero hesitating because she didn’t want to say goodbye to people who were already dead.

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