Five Crime Stories

3 Stars This book was an interesting read. It took longer than I expected but as far as short stories go these five were on the longer end. For reference, it’s 140 pages with zero filler at the end so it’s a true 140 and there are novellas out there that are 40 pages in... Continue Reading →

The Witch of Ferathan

3 Stars This was an interesting read. I can’t say that I enjoyed it but also I can’t say that I didn’t. It was just okay for me. I think my main issues were plot-related. Something about the timeline of the secondary main character. He goes off on a journey that takes him days away... Continue Reading →

Merry Little Wishing Spritz

4 Stars This story was all sorts of fun. Just everything that I expect from a quick rom-com. Cassie was hilarious and her bestie was awesome. Honestly, that girl needed much more page time. She was everything. Throw in a super sexy man, magic and Christmas and this was a recipe for success. I smiled.... Continue Reading →

Legend Of Steel

3 Stars This book started off fairly well. Husband, wife, a tinge of steam a co-worker missing under mysterious circumstances. It was shaping up to be something fun but then it quickly devolved. The action was great but plot-wise I couldn’t make this book make sense. Revenge plots are all well and good but for... Continue Reading →

So You Survived The End Of The World

3 Stars There was so much that I wanted to love about this. It was supposed to be humorous, exciting, action-packed. Basically just fun, fun, fun. But It didn’t live up to expectations. Inappropriate sarcastic humour is definitely my style. Clever wit usually has me dying with laughter. Yet, somehow, Sebastian’s quirks and quips didn’t... Continue Reading →

I’ll Be Your Beast

1 Star I could not get into this. I mean I tried. I made it a whole halfway into this before I finally had to accept it wasn’t going to happen. There was so much about this that triggered negative reactions out of me. And, after stalking the reviews, I noticed I’m not the only... Continue Reading →

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