Bossy Mr. Frosty

4 Stars So this was an enjoyable read. An employee and boss romance that played out rather nicely. I enjoyed how bold Rylan was in knowing what he wanted and going for it, even if that happened to be his boss. But what made the story most interesting was how Adrian was dealing with emotions... Continue Reading →

Keep It Up

3 Stars I came into this one purely for first-time fantasy purposes. I wasn’t expecting much except a quick steamy guilty pleasure type read. But, even with those types of expectations, I was still thrown off a bit by this book. This story isn’t supposed to take itself seriously and I didn’t. The steamy parts... Continue Reading →

Jay Bird

1 star This one was hard to get into. It’s the second book I’ve read by this author and I couldn’t finish this one. It has a lot of the same issues as the first one. The characters didn’t really develop and even though the book has teen main characters there was something even a... Continue Reading →


5 Stars Okay, there is no other way to say this except for I loved it. I say a lot in reviews that authors write short stories like they are writing larger stories so they feel incomplete. This happens a lot instead of them accepting it’s a short story and choosing to zoom in on... Continue Reading →

Behind The Mask

2 Stars This was hard to get into. It’s supposed to be a Halloween thriller but the events leading up to it are odd and the thriller aspect of it doesn’t quite thrill. Jesse is supposed to be in a year-long relationship with the popular jock. This is all fine and seems like it might... Continue Reading →


5 Stars I went into this with guarded expectations. Sometimes short stories are written like they are part of longer stories and come off as incomplete. And since this is part of a series I was worried it might be all set up and not enough anything else. After all, it’s barely 50 pages., and... Continue Reading →

Gideon’s Wish

3 Stars This started off well. Was fun, interesting and by the page count, yes I stalk page counts, clearly long enough to be slow-burn style. Basically all the makings of your classic romance. However, I couldn’t get into it. I like slow burns but this one just didn’t grab me. Firstly the mom screamed... Continue Reading →

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