Origin Scales ‘N’ Spells Book 1

2 Stars

I really wanted to love this. I mean really. It even made me laugh more than once. Like crazy stupid laugh but the more I got into it the less interested I became. It was extremely slow plot-wise and spent so much time on a romance that, 166 pages into the book hadn’t happened. That is a ridiculously long time to not pick up on the plot I expected from the blurb. Especially when this is just a few pages shy of half the book.

The blurb promised action by mentioning a kidnapping, and some back and forth with Cameron the Mage and the dragon, Alric. It quite literally says they are fated mates in the blurb. Yet 46 percent into this book and Alric is still going on and on about doing what’s best for the clan by the ten-thousandth time he said this as an excuse to not pursue Cameron I was long disinterested. Cameron denying being a mage was hard to get on board with too. Especially when quite literally sitting in front of a dragon and having his own grandmother telling him stories of such. Like how is he arguing with a magical creature? Him taking so long to get on board took up page time along with Alric, again, constantly refusing to act for almost 200 pages. I literally gave up at chapter sixteen because it starts with Alric doing this exact thing one more time.

So, since the whole book is riddled with this looming relationship, the plot of Cameron almost getting kidnapped and finding out who and why, the fact his grandmother and his sister are more than likely mages and have yet to be flown out, there is no passible reason why this hasn’t happened… all of this adds up to the actual plot not happening. I kept turning pages waiting for something to progress forward. But it was more of Cameron trying to get Alric, and Alric saying how he had to do what was best for the clan. There’s only so much of that you can read before you realise nothing on the Cameron being kidnapped has happened. Even Alric acknowledges dragons are so desperate not even they would steal a mage from another clan if one arose so what is going on?

Speaking on that, something felt off about the whole mages usually being women and the stupidly convoluted way for MM pairings to reproduce. It wasn’t until the whole explanation of sexuality that also seemed out of place happened that it hit me. There are no female dragons. Like none. This makes zero sense. The mages are usually women. All the dragons are men. And in the event one mates with a human male they need a good seven or so mages to work a birth spell. It was just too much stuff had to be forced onto the plot/dragons to make this story work and then the actual side plot, remember Cameron was almost kidnapped, is dropped for the romance plot that is so slow it hasn’t even begun halfway through the book. After an okay start the book couldn’t keep me reading and quickly slipped into repetition and the plot just stopped moving altogether for the less than lukewarm romance.

Honestly, I should’ve loved this book. When I laughed out loud twice early on I thought I might but it didn’t hold up. All male dragons. Mages conveniently disappearing and clans not sharing magical knowledge and even with Cameron there, as far as I could tell there aren’t enough mages to perform any sort of birth/creation spells anyway, and even if there were the spells are difficult. So much just added up to this story not working which is a shame cause I had high hopes for an action-packed comedic romance and walked away from this with a slow burn I couldn’t feel, only a few laughs, and a side plot that pretty much got forgotten. This story just couldn’t hold my interest.

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