Legend Of Steel

3 Stars

This book started off fairly well. Husband, wife, a tinge of steam a co-worker missing under mysterious circumstances. It was shaping up to be something fun but then it quickly devolved. The action was great but plot-wise I couldn’t make this book make sense. Revenge plots are all well and good but for me, it just felt forced and obvious. And, more importantly, based on the blurb this book wasn’t what I was expecting. I was expecting the learning curve angle to derive from finding out the family he married into knew about supernatural beings and the lead character somehow accidentally gets sucked into a vampire hunt. That is not what happened. Granted very few assumptions can be made from this blurb but that was where my brain took me.

On top of that, the ending was too familiar with the husband not wanting to kill his clearly obvious out for blood turned wife. The not wanting to kill your lover who is clearly now the enemy trope is so overused I groaned when I read it and was secretly hoping the now vampire woman would kill him. That’s what hesitation gets you in the moment after all. Also, the idea that you can just recruit two people on a murder mission to kill the undead and not tell them is baffling. So much about how things were handled left little surprises for the end. You could see all of it coming. And, seeing as this is part of a series, I’m expected to believe this becomes the lead’s regular life when he was so reluctant to kill things when it mattered.

All in all, this was a bit too predictable for me and I didn’t really like the main character or his brother-in-law. The action was fun. The writing was well also but the story itself didn’t capture me. It was a light quick read with all the blood and gore a good vampire novel should have but it felt a bit too familiar in some spots, cliche in others, and beyond good action didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. This was just an okay read for me. Not bad but not great either.

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