Fatal Obsession

2 Stars This Review Contains Spoilers This was a hard read for me. When It started off it seemed like something I could genuinely enjoy but the deeper I got into it the more off it seemed. Too many things about it didn’t make sense. I couldn’t quite get on board with how the villain's... Continue Reading →


3 Stars Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers I wanted to love this collection. I really did. But the more I read the more confusing some of the stories became. The first one, Going Down was definitely fun. As well as The Grave which was probably the best, Prison was well written if not cliche... Continue Reading →

The Stalk

4 Stars This was fun to read. I genuinely enjoyed it from the first page to the end. The action was timed right the plot unveiled at a reasonable pace. There wasn’t too much wrong with this at all. My first real issue was the ‘bean’ stuff. In an attempt to make this some sort... Continue Reading →

The Sampler

3 Stars I went into this with zero expectations. It seemed like something I would like and something I could commit to at the time. It started off okay but as I dug into it, it didn’t really do much for me. The title story, The Sampler was alright. It had good pacing and was... Continue Reading →

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