Stones, Stars and the Storms Between

2 Stars This one was hard to get into. I honestly didn’t finish it. Not that it wasn’t written well. Or anything like that. I was just confused. In the first story, someone has come presumably to steal three stones. But why? Who sent her and to what end? There are a bunch of faiths... Continue Reading →

What Lies Within

3 Stars This was a quick light read. I knew how short it was going to be when I went in so was expecting it to be a nice punchy scary tale. It didn’t quite come off that way. It’s in first person which, in this case, made it problematic because I knew the person... Continue Reading →

Into the Shadowlands

3 Stars This was a hard read. I enjoyed it but some things were off and it was a matter of deciding if this was a Five star even though I had issues with it story like I’ve done before or a Three stars because some of these issues are things I usually don’t give... Continue Reading →

Beyond the Cogs: A Steampunk Anthology

2 Stars Anthologies are always difficult to review because you have to review every story. Thankfully in this one there weren’t too many. Only three and they were more short story length so you could really sink your teeth into them. In theory, they all should have been the perfect length for what they accomplished... Continue Reading →

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