The Monk

2 Stars The third and final in this series and pretty much everything that I loved about the rest of the books is amazingly absent in this one. Firstly Kohar’s character is annoying in this book. In comparison to the others he isn’t so loud, forceful and bordering on control freak like he is in... Continue Reading →

Breaking The Rules

1 Star Okay, this story could’ve been something great. Boy on probation, trying to avoid a cute boy who obviously wants him. Just all sorts of awesome to be had here. Unfortunately, nothing about this really makes sense. Conner, who from what I can tell has never done anything with a guy, quite literally throws... Continue Reading →

A Very English Christmas

2 Star I honestly couldn’t get into this one. Judging by what the blurb said, I had assumed the couple had been in this long relationship they had kept hidden from their Amish circle, only to find out they’ve probably only been together for a year. One is 23 and the other is 19 so... Continue Reading →

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