Lay Me Down

2 Stars

Okay, so I came into this expecting an erotic tale of two peoples’ journey into an everlasting relationship. From the opening chapter I assumed this might actually happen. Then the story took off and that was it. I’m here for a good steamy scene, more than one really, but the blurb promised the setup of the Club Immortality world and a budding relationship and that all the steamy fun would be an added bonus towards setting up the framework for the Immortality club. The blurb specifically states they have a lot to tell. Sigh

This book was pure erotica, which is fine. By that I mean almost 80 percent of this book is a steamy fun connection but beyond that, the promise of finding yourself and growing into something with a fated mate wasn’t there. Which is a shame considering this is the first in the series. In all fairness had it been worded like it was going to be all steam and minuscule plot I might still have the same opinion. But adding that it turned out this way onto the fact it wasn’t what I came in for just made it worse.

Then inconsistencies like how Syn is so distraught after her human lover doesn’t like that she isn’t human, but later on she tells Micha that she mates for life and he should run away if he stops loving her cause she’s afraid of what she might do. If that’s the case why is she so devastated and why didn’t she go into a wild rage and kill her ex instead of him trying to kill her. That and her own powers aren’t clearly defined so I still don’t know how they work. Also, she’s shocked the oracle is human however when she describes him later nothing about her description of him screams human so I was confused by the colours and other things she used to describe him.

That and what she apparently does to the club through him or the significance of why Micha and his partner at the club need to find mates for the club to reach its full potential is still a mystery. Beyond the good erotic scenes, which are well written, all the things like character development, plot, and clear descriptions of what the supernatural beings are and their powers were missing. There was no real setup for a series that will revolve/centre around this club. With so many things to talk about the story might’ve read better if the main cast were just fae or shifters, even elves so readers would already be comfortable with what they can do. Even then the club seems like it’s alive but that’s not fully explained as I said already. That and them transitioning from the dance floor to the bedroom the second was odd. I dunno I read it a few times and was still lost. Maybe she never left the bedroom, but then why did he tell Syn to come back to him as if she was going to leave for more than just a few paragraphs without the chance she might not come back?

If this story presented itself as purely an erotic escape without trying to sell itself as some sort of haven for those who are lost, on top of which attempting some sort of depth with the leads when it was clear the focus was on getting each other in bed, this might’ve been okay. But it’s painfully obvious it wants to be more than just about the sex. Especially with Syn directly addressing readers at the end to nail this point home.

All in all, beyond the steamy love scenes, nothing was actually fleshed out so all that excitement about them having something to tell, and this journey into finding themselves like the blurb promised didn’t happen. If you’re looking for a nice steamy short read, this book fits the bill. But if you’re looking for a deeper connection, character development and a more fleshed out depiction of the world that is Club immortality this missed the mark by far.

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