Keep It Up

3 Stars

I came into this one purely for first-time fantasy purposes. I wasn’t expecting much except a quick steamy guilty pleasure type read. But, even with those types of expectations, I was still thrown off a bit by this book. This story isn’t supposed to take itself seriously and I didn’t. The steamy parts were exactly what I came into this for. Even the part where Cody gets propositioned I could get on board with. But, considering he’s 18 and living in today’s world there were some things that I couldn’t see him not knowing.

Firstly the plot was weird. It starts off with a group of supposed straight guys having a conversation that revolves entirely around their best friend’s penis and how he should get into adult movies. Even coming in for a straight to gay fantasy, this felt like even if they were all gay it was an awkward conversation to be having and I couldn’t understand why they were having it. I knew why because of the blurb but it started out like I should already know why this random conversation is happening so It took me too long to get into the story because of this.

Even though this book has no intention of being taken seriously, at the very least it could be written well. By putting Cody’s talk about his uncle and his need for money, and amping up his desperation before this conversation about adult movies, as far as pacing and plot go, that would’ve made much more sense in selling the payoff, which I did enjoy, for the readers when Cody gives in. Also, there are lots of people with large members. I have to side with Cody here when he says it’s just not for him. And if you watch enough adult films you’ll know that size varies from below average to above and there is a niche for everything from race to body type to even height. It was just all-around an odd conversation to have considering the world of social media today.  

This whole conversation was the equivalent of assuming since someone is tall the obvious career choice is basketball. It was just overkill for me and took me out of the fantasy because it, unfortunately, was too unreal even to ignore for something I was reading purely for escapism and fantasy. The story would’ve read just as well, better if it started after this scene and it wasn’t there at all.

Back to adult filming, I knew back when I was 18, (I’m forty) what douching was all about. The fact that Cody didn’t, he still thinks this is a straight film at this point, jump to the conclusion that at the very least pegging might be involved when he’s in a much more open and social media influenced world than two decades ago took me out a bit. Like he couldn’t really be able to consider rimming happening but not anything else? And 7000 is a lot and 2000 is way too much to offer if he walks away. I dunno, but when I came into this with expectations for a steamy bit of fun I was ready to suspend all belief and reality. I didn’t consider at all there would be stuff outside of what I came for which was a boy down on his luck who gets pulled into gay adult movies, that would derail me. I thought he would know, or like in the book, find out on the day and then realise he liked it as he went along, struggling to decide but ultimately going through it.

That was handled well.

Once he committed to the task and things got going, everything, and I mean everything that I had expected to happen happened. It was perfect really. There isn’t much I can say about it other than I thoroughly enjoyed it. I can’t even write a stupidly long paragraph about it cause it couldn’t have been better.

The only other thing was how he got all angry when he found out he wasn’t doing straight porn. Sigh. This goes right along with just saying yes to a douche and not asking why he had to do it. And makeup on the penis and butt? For a photoshoot maybe. But with all the lube, sweat, and other bodily fluids involved in sex, and the powders and creams and stuff needed to cover blemishes, I don’t see any of this staying on long enough for a full scene (especially if oil is involved cause ‘wet’ is a thing), And I don’t think it would be particularly tasty should an actor accidentally get some in their mouth. I doubt they will be trying to be delicate and avoid spots when they have a fantasy to sell just to not lick a bit of concealer during oral. For all I know I am way off base being a regular human who has never done these types of films but it just struck me as odd.

Thinking about what I’ve written in this review I see a pattern. I came into this with the full intent of not taking it seriously and there was so much that forced me to do exactly that. Take it seriously. Just too many things that were supposed to heighten the first-time fantasy that detracted from, like I already said, quite perfectly fit what I came in here for. Also, football (soccer) is stupid popular here. I would’ve never in a million years assumed that Cody was ‘twink’ status as I can’t visualise that for a sports jock especially since football (soccer) is really all I know and none of those guys screams twink. And, back to size of anatomy, it really takes the wind out of the sails that Cody’s first reaction on set is ‘his is bigger than mine’ all that hype was for nothing…. oh well. Even more reason the first scene is unnecessary.

I’m going to say most people won’t care about what I do. For them, this book will be better than okay. More than sufficient. It will hit everything their steamy, first-time fantasy hearts desire. But for me there was too much off about it that forced me to do exactly what I did not want to do, take this book seriously thus ruining the overall fantasy for me.

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