Tempted: A Mafia Romance

3 Stars

I enjoyed reading this. It was fun, steamy and sprinkled with a good dose of humour. It was a quick read, and the main characters were easy to follow. The plot moved along at a nice pace and there wasn’t too much that brought me out of the story.

My main issue was the insta-love bit was, awkward. This might be a plot spoiler, but the moment went from Laura being all I don’t believe your reasons for getting back in the family business to don’t you see I’m already accepting you for who you are. Like a complete 360 in under an hour. Under half when you factor in it would take them as long to talk as it takes a reader to read. Honestly, it was fast, unrealistic and a bit all over the place. The confrontation seemed out of left field, the ex, whom he hasn’t spoken to in forever just magically showing up during the all-important conversation was oh too convenient: plus it didn’t segue into Laura’s complete 360 as well as it should have. As far as last act drama goes it was hard to connect with.

The only other thing was all the flirtation and sass from Laura’s interview with Daniel kinda went up in smoke. It was all fun and games and then it was a month later. Then time passed again. So other than the one scene, you didn’t really get to see all this adult-style cat and mouse because the author just mentions that it happens. Considering how fast the story progresses you don’t have time to feel this absence of interaction/tension, but it would’ve made for much more fun considering it’s clear the author can do it well.

The steamy scenes. Just yummy, delicious goodness. Honestly, we could’ve had a few more pages of this if only to get more of Daniel in his shirtless awesomeness. I mean priorities. I could’ve done with more of that. And Laura’s best friend was everything. Where can I sign up for one of those? She definitely needed more page time. Also, it would’ve been nice to know specifically what was ailing Laura’s mom. It was a big part of why she needed the job. If it was mentioned it wasn’t obvious enough because I missed it.

Finally, and this is def a plot spoiler, in the end when Laura shouts at Daniel about how he’s not even going to put up a fight, this got one of my biggest eye-rolls in a while. Like a man has a gun to you and has you’re recent boyfriend surround by men with guns and you’re questioning why he’s giving up so easily because, you know, he can totally not be shot by multiple humans if he does something stupid like provoke them. His response just upped the overall cheese of the situation. The whole scene had ‘it happened because that’s what the writer wanted’ written all over it. It’s safe to say the whole ending wrap-up, including the epilogue, kinda took the wind out of a rather enjoyable book and used up all of my suspension of belief points.

Overall this was a good read regardless of my emotional response to the ending scenes. Good writing, decent plot, and good steamy fun. I’d definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a quick and satisfying romance.

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