3 Stars This book seemed right up my alley. I went into it expecting something dark twisted and possibly more than a bit uncomfortable. In the beginning this almost seemed like it might pay off but as I got deeper into it, it became painfully obvious where it was actually going. The story starts off... Continue Reading →

Karik’s First Battle

2 Stars This book had all the makings of awesome. And I mean all of them. Journey through harsh lands, legends becoming real, everyday humans becoming heroes, and dragons. We can’t have an epic fantasy novel without dragons after all. Unfortunately, it didn’t lift off the page. The narration style left the story feeling kind... Continue Reading →

Murder of a Mommy Vlogger

3 Stars This started out okay. It held up for a while as well. It wasn’t what I expected. Talking to the dead and hosting the dead aren’t exactly the same thing The blurb reads a bit disjointed like it couldn’t pick an idea to run with so it ran with everything, still I decided... Continue Reading →

Biosphere: Hazard

3 Stars I honestly started off liking this. Like really liking it. Sci-fi novel brought on right in the middle of the action. There was a lot to love here. The story itself was well written, the plot, well I’ll get to that, and the characters were sort of. This is where it all starts... Continue Reading →

A Cauldron of Uncanny Dreams

3 Stars This collection of stories started off well. Even with the general predictability they were still interesting reads. However, as I got further into the collection I started to like the stories less. The collector This one was good. At first you couldn’t really be sure where it was going. There was talk about... Continue Reading →

Pangaea: Unsettled Land

4 Stars There are a lot of things that make this book awesome.  Plot moves at a fairly decent pace, splashes of humour, and evil villains you can't help but love.  But what really stands out is the opening sequence.  The first few paragraphs are what tells a reader if they should even bother with a... Continue Reading →


3 Stars This one was hard to write. I actually enjoyed reading it for a while and thought it would be a five out of five but, somewhere around the middle, I realised it was more that I was thinking about what could happen versus what was actually happening.  The story hit one note and... Continue Reading →

Master (The Master Files Book 1)

5 Stars I honestly couldn't could this book down.  Action, suspense, steam, fight scenes muscles.  Oh, and the writing was good too.  If I could pull Jahn right out of this book I would but alas fantasising over fictional characters gets you nowhere in life. At first, I was a little annoyed.  Damsel in distress,... Continue Reading →

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