Lost Wolves

3 Stars I definitely have mixed feelings about this series. I started off liking it but then I found myself losing interest then getting it back then losing it. Just all over the place. That being said let’s start with book one. Omega in the Shadows:The idea of an assassin and the man sent to... Continue Reading →

Happy Endings: Demonic Magic Book 1

5 Stars This book had me laughing way too much. Right from the first chapter it was clear that this author's humour was meant for me. I'm definitely a fan of witty banter. Miles was hilarious, Havoc was what every demon should be. Evil, spunky and classy all in one. And the side characters added... Continue Reading →

By His Bootstraps

2 Stars This was a short, steamy read. I wanted to enjoy it but couldn't. The blurb lead me to believe this was going to be a short story about someone straight giving in to not-so-straight desires. It didn't live up to that. It read more like an already gay boy continuously telling himself he's... Continue Reading →

Sergeant Delicious: A gay foodie romance

4 Stars This was an enjoyable read. Short, sweet and flowed rather nicely. I liked how the story progressed over emails to the physical meeting then beyond. The bond between the two main characters felt real and I could get into it as I followed Xavier and Damien along their journey together. Also, food makes... Continue Reading →

Hopping Into Happiness

3 Stars This was a short easy read. Boy wants a pet, pet turns out to be a shapeshifter and love ensues. What's not to love really. Unfortunately the book felt a little too simple at some points. I read it twice before writing my review and had the same response to it. The first... Continue Reading →

Ship Work

3 Stars I enjoyed reading this story. It was quick light fun with an occasional laugh. After being forced on a singles cruise by his parents Holt believes he can turn this into a work vacation but his assistant, Dane, is not having any of that on his first ever cruise and decides fun is... Continue Reading →


3 Stars I wanted to connect with this story but couldn't. It's short sweet but the romance never seemed to develop. Even by insta-love standards it didn't have enough oomph to be a fast romance.   Rory is a struggling artist who can't seem to connect with his parents. After a visit that leaves him feeling... Continue Reading →

Catching Orion

2 Stars I didn't really enjoy this. I found it a bit tedious. It started of well but it went from somewhat passable beginnings into absurdity way to fast. Firstly I can almost suspend belief to jump into the deception plotline, but only almost. Knox's uncle enter's him in a dating site raffle unknown to... Continue Reading →

Nights With Roarsen

2 Stars Couldn't really get into this story. It's part of a series or a short in connection with the Chosen Series, but it works as a stand-alone. It has the HEA, has a bit of fluff but mostly it doesn't take itself seriously and that was the problem for me. It wasn't fluffy enough... Continue Reading →

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